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                                           INK-JET EBS 250 HANDJET

Performance parameters:
Print height
10-27 mm with a 16-nozzle printer
Height of objects to be labeled
From 70 mm - contact with both rolls,
from 35 mm - contact with the lower roll only to print with, for example, only 7 nozzles.
A guide and rolls can be used optionally to support rectilinear printing; they are most useful for line printing, for labelling pipes, barrels and other cylindrical objects.
Working position of the printer
Nozzle diameter
150µm as standard,
120µm, 170µm, 200µm optionally
Number of vertical rows printed at the same time
Maximum number of characters per text
1300 (along with control characters, if the printer’s built-in fonts are used)
Number of texts and print parameters sets stored in the printer’s memory at the same time
From 1 to 10; texts are loaded into the printer via a PC.
From 1 to 30 Optionally.
Special characters
Diacritical national characters, graphics characters for information, warning, handling or other purposes
Variable fields
Date and time in any format, including expiry date/period of service, incremental or decremental counters, universal counter (of subassemblies, pallets, meters, etc.)
Editing texts and print parameters, printer control
IBM-compatible PC communicating with the printer via a cordless/radio line (within the distance of 50 m),
Recommended minimum PC requirements:
IBM-compatible PC, equivalent to Pentium 200, 32 MB RAM, 20 MB of free space on HDD,
EBS-250 printer control program version 1.5 or later installed, to be run under one of the following operating systems Windows® 98SE/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista®,
(!) If Windows NT® is running on your PC, the printer communicates with the PC exclusively via an RS-232 interface (not via USB).
The possibility of grouping up to 60 printers into a network which is radio-controlled with the use of a PC or radio terminal.
Either synchronised with rotational speed of the lower guide roll or at time intervals by an internal generator regardless of the printer travel rate during printing.
Power supply

Approximate operating time when the battery is fully charged


With built-in batteries,

50 hours
of non-stop printing at the temperature of 20°C, automatic low battery indication,

Automatically via an external DC 24V, 1 A power pack,
Charging time - less than 150 minutes (< 2.5 h),
Number of charging cycles: 500 (up to 70% of initial capacity)

Container capacity
Available in easily detachable containers with bayonet fixing. It is made on the basis of alcohol, acetone or water, in various colours (among others in white, yellow, blue, green, red or black) to be ordered from catalogue.
110 ml is enough to print about 100 000 characters with 7x5 pix matrix or about 17 000 characters for 16x10 pix matrix.
Working temperature range
from +5°C to +40°C
Storage temperature range (over a longer period)
From +1°C to +45°C if water-based ink is used for printing,
from -10°C to +45°C if acetone or ethanol-based ink is used for printing.
Dimensions in vertical position
(length / width / height)

240 / 130 / 265 mm
980±10 g - the printer with a battery and full ink container, without a power pack and cable.

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