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ALT362 Large Character Handheld Ink jet printer
Product feature:ingenuity appearance; economy; durability; color touch screen panel, handheld, 360°print.
ALT362 handheld coding system:
ALT series handheld coding systems bring together many years of professional experience in the development of ink jet technology, and professional provide mature and reliable portable marking solution to every customer at home and abroad.
Equipment Stable and Reliable
·Using solvent-based ink, it is difficult to block nozzle based on the prevent clogging design technologyreduce to the time for squeeze inkNozzle multiple protectionavoid the nozzle surface damage caused by scrape, rub, hitTo ensure long time trouble-free operation, the inkjet printer reliability is a greatly improve than others.
·Meet the 24 hours of continuous production
·Use oil-based ink, the nozzles can not clogged, 100% maintenance-free.
Powerful and easy to operation
·Completely out of the PC editing, large color touch screen, like the phone as easy to edit the text.
·WYSIWYG that printing information, built-in mass font; dot-matrix fonts, horizontal strip font, vertical stripe fonts, bold fonts, character height and font size can be free adjustment, the unique security fonts to meet multi-demand
·Humanity structural design, reasonable weight, it is can not easy to tired when long-term operation.
·Unique wheel design, flexible printing on difference shape and surface.
·Whole close for Cartridges and ink system, replace cartridge convenient.
Application scope
Variety colors ink, non-contact printing on different products surface, coding clear and beautiful, and strong adhesion.
Technical Parameters:

Print Height
Print Spacing
8mm-10mm,it is subject to the printing content & ink type
Print Lines
The lines unlimited within Max height 35mm.
Print Length
Single file max length 20000 dots (the Max height 2.54m when the resolution is 200DPI)
Print Speed
60m/min (Cross direction resolution 100DPI)
Print Resolution
Resolution height is 200DPI; Cross direction resolution 100-400DPI can be adjustment
Print Fonts
The built-in various font, and horizontal bar、vertical bar、dot-matrix、bold font can be free change.
Print Content
Real Date, Real time, Photo, Letter, Shift group, Serial number, Batch number, Lot number Barcode and 2D code can be free print.
Print Direction
Upward printing, downward printing, side printing(360°direction printing)
Font library
Standard font library are Chinese & English, and The SpanishPortugueseArabic font library can be optional
Operator Interfaces
Image-style & Chinese or English ( Spanish、Portuguese、Arabic)menu, What you see is what you get.
Memory Function
More than 1000pcs text can be storage
7inch color touch screen
Ink Type
Ink is originally from UK. There are Solvent-based ink (machine should be regular maintenance); Invisible ink (Machine should be regular maintenance); Oil-based ink (machine maintenance free).
It can be print on the surface of plastic、glass、metal、paper、wood...
Ink Color
Black、 Red、Yellow、 Blue、Green、white, etc…
Each Ink Cartridge
Each ink cartridge can be print 850 million ink dots, when efficient production:
*each ink cartridge can be print 400,000.00pcs bottle cover or medicine box with 2 lines small dot-matrix font, the text size is 1*1.7cm2, the using cost for each product is RMB0.001Yuan);
*each ink cartridge can be print 20,000.00pcs big carton with big dot-matrix font, the text size is 3.5*20 cm2, the using cost for each carton is RMB0.02Yuan);
*each ink cartridge can be print 10,000.00pcs big carton with bold font, the text size is 3.5*20  cm2, the using cost for each carton is RMB0.04Yuan);
Weight of Machine Dimension of Machine
Rechargeable Batteries
New battery standby about 8hours; print time about 7hours;
The charger input AC100V-260V,50-60Hz, Output DC 12.6V
Humidity Range
Temperature Range
10-90% Non-condensing
External Interface
USB interface, synchronizer.
No need connect external compressed air, and no need thinner (i.e. solvent)


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