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Labeling machine maintenance

1. Into the star wheel bottle, a bottle of star wheel, the adjustment screw into the bottle
(1) in the forward, out of the bottle and star wheel adjustment screw into the bottle when the bottle pressure to standard machine heads prevail. First, adjust the star wheel into the bottle, when the pressure bottle is just overwhelming the first bottle, the bottle into the star wheel adjustment, so that star wheel groove in the middle of the bottle;
(2) the adjustment screw into the bottle: the bottle into the star wheel prevail, when the bottle into the bottle in the middle of the groove when the star wheel, adjust the screw to screw the bottle into the bottle side of the Press closer, but does not produce displacement.
(3) a bottle of Star Wheel Adjustment: When the pressure has just raised his bottle head, adjust the star wheel so that the bottle-wheel groove in the middle.
2. Tags box regulation
(1) the center line of standard boxes, marked points tangent to the axis and labels, standard plate central axis point in a line, adjusting the standard plate with the label tangent (0 distance), then standard box that is closer to 1mm ~ 2mm can;
(2) Standard paper box with both sides of the pressure in the standard section should be 0.8mm-1mm gap between the gap caused by too much paper in the marked boxes marked shift, slashes standard, standard gap is too small will result in pushing poor;
(3) standard box marked hook grasping position adjustment: up and down, left and right grip standard hook at the same vertical plane, and even difficult in the standard paper, can successfully grasp standard;
(4) label the regulation of the supply roller: In the absence of labeling when the label plate can be down to the forefront of labeling boxes and with tags, labels, label near the hook that can not be crushed.
3. Pressure adjustment brush device
(1) marked the center of brush, and both sides of the symmetry of the positive label;
(2) standard brush perpendicular to the surface of the container;
(3) pressure vessel overlap sweeping brush clearance as follows: a single pressure brush is 10mm ~ 15mm, combination of pressure brush to 5mm ~ 10mm;
(4) cleaning sponge brush away from the location of the 1mm ~ 2mm.
4. Pressure regulating bottle head
Pressure bottle head in the absence of a bottle when the bottle should be lower than 20mm.
5. Standard adjustment station
(1) scrape the plastic sheet and roller adjustment: scraping the plastic sheet and the roller can not appear within the entire length of the gap, if gap can be adjusted by adjusting the eccentric bolt scratch the plastic sheet;
(2) Cots and standard plate adjustment: standard plate and the rubber is mutual contacts between the rollers without any pressure. Gap is too large, too much plastic standard board, resulting in rejection glue. Gap is too small, too tight contacts, will glue squeeze out, standard plate side not glue. Proved standard plate and roller 0.1mm ~ 0.2mm gap between the best. Cots can be adjusted to achieve the lower bearing, if necessary, on the upper roller bearings adjusted.


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