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The Subject of Internal Laser and Future Prospects

1. Outline
Laser Marking is laser welding, laser heat treatment, laser cutting, laser drilling and other application technology developed after a new processing technology, is a non-contact, no pollution, no wear and tear of the new tag technology. In recent years, with the laser can be $ & * and practicality of the increase, coupled with the rapid development of computer technology and optical devices to improve and promote laser marking technology.
Laser marking is the use of high-energy density laser beam on the target function, the target surface of the physical or chemical change, thereby to gain visibility pattern of marking. High-energy laser beam focused on material surface, the rapid vaporization of the material to form a pit. As the laser beam moving surface regularly breaking simultaneous control of the laser, the laser beam also in the surface processing into a specified pattern. Laser marking compared with the traditional labeling process has obvious advantages:
(1) mark speed, writing a clear, permanent.
(2) non-contact processing, pollution, no wear.
(3) easy to operate, strong security features.
(4) Can be automated to run high-speed, low production costs.
2. Development of domestic laser target
Laser marking equipment laser marking is the core control system, therefore, the course of development is the subject of laser marking control system development process. From 1995 to 2003, just 8 years, the control system in the field of laser marking time on the experience of a large format, rotating mirror of the times and the vibrating mirror of the times, the control software has also completed the direct control of the up and down from the position control to real-time processing, time division multiplexing of a series of evolution, now, semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, and even the emergence and development of UV laser optical process control has raised new challenges.


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