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Flexible package features in Liquor

Liquor, regardless of its long history or cultures. From ancient times, the packaging can not do without liquor ceramics, glass, clay jugs and other containers. They have a small permeability. Good seal. Corrosion resistance, long-term storage of liquor can not deterioration, etc, but there are some difficult to overcome. The first is impatience impact, easy to break; followed to bring convenient, mainly big, just a few bottles to take a lot of space, which resulted in its storage and transportation costs increase; What is more bottle prices high, become a burden after used. Market in recent years there have been plastic bottles liquor, it easily overcomes the broken glass and small volume to weight ratio, but could not overcome the problem of capacity smaller than small. And it is smaller than sealing bottles. To composite flexible packaging bags for liquor, under the premise of ensuring the sealing, the capacity to solve the volume of bottled wine than small problems. So, while bottled wine is still the mainstream market, but the white plastic bags flexible packaging printing has gradually shown its vitality.


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